Operation 36

The #1 roadmap to learn to play golf!

Operation 36® is organized by a network of golf professionals who believe in growing the game by providing a motivating player development roadmap to help introduce and develop skilled golfers. The challenge we set for our players is the score of 36 (par for 9 holes). By working from green-to-tee versus the traditional tee-to-green, it lowers the challenge point and is a motivating way to learn and progress.

How it works

1) Golfers Play 9 Holes From Division 1 (25 Yards). Instead of starting at the full tee box, you will begin in Division 1.  This means you will play 9 holes starting 25 yards from each green.

2) Shoot par (36) or better to pass a Division.
Your challenge is to shoot 36!  If you shoot par (36) or better, you will progress to Division 2 and start 50 yards from each green your next round.

3) Track Progress & Complete as many Divisions as possible! All progress is tracked in the Operation 36 Mobile App.  This challenge continues until the golfer can shoot par (36) from all 10 divisions!

Operation 36 Adult Classes