Power Tee System

Raise Your Game

Power Tee: World-Class Leading Automatic Teeing System

Power Tee is the fastest way to a better golf swing. Our automatic teeing system greatly increases efficiency through streamlining, automation, and labor-saving methods. By combining the Power Tee with Trackman technology in our driving range, Mulligan's practice facilities are second to none.

Power Tee is simple to use

  • Load up to 100 balls in the underground hopper
  • Pick tee height (40 adjustable options) and hit off the world class Power Tee mat
  • Enjoy hours' worth of great golf with friends and family.
  • Hitting balls from a tee will build confidence quicker
  • Perfect the setup position by using a clean, repeatable environment
  • Promotes excellent rhythm by automating the timing of when the next ball is struck - staying in a good setup and focusing on rhythm to build tempo
  • Use perfect repetition to build muscle memory quickly