The Grill at Mulligan's

Enjoy a Variety of Food and Drink

Grilligan's offers a wide selection of delicious and fun food, including lunch specials, beer, and wine! Whether you are looking for a quick snack or lunch/dinner in the dining area our friendly staff can accommodate you while you enjoy our facility.

The fantastic Nathan's Hot Dog, a juicy hamburger, subs, and chicken tenders are only a few of the products we offer. Check out our menu for all of your cravings, and don't forget to ask about the daily special! Get our weekly specials in your inbox!

Our Grill will comfortably seat 16 and we will serve the Bays at the driving range as well. "To Go" Orders are also available. Please call 540-432-9040 to place your order.  

Available 11am-6pm, daily
Lunch Specials Offered Monday - Friday 11am-2pm

Grilligan's Lite Menu

Available 11am-8pm, daily

Grilligan's Drink Menu

Service Available In Our Grill, Driving Range Bays & Party Pavilion


- Brothers The Great Outdoors - $6
- Brothers Proud & True Dukes Lager - $6
- Bud Light 16oz Aluminum Bottle - $5
- Coors Light 16oz Can - $5
- Devil's Backbone 8 Point IPA - $6
- Michelob Ultra 16oz Can - $5
- Modelo Especial 16oz Can - $6
- Stella Artois 12oz Can - $6


- Copa Di Vino Chardonnay- $6
- Copa /Di Vino Cabernet Savignon- $6
- Copa Di Vino Moscato- $6
- Andre Brut Champagne 12oz Can- $10


- Brothers J Maddy Duke Seltzer- $6
- White Claw Blackberry 16oz- $6
-White Claw Watermelon 12oz-$6
- White Claw Mango 16oz- $6


- Bold Rock Apple- $6
- Bold Rock Blackberry- $6


- Devil's Backbone Lime Margarita- $7
- Devil's Backbone Orange Smash- $7
- Nutrl Lemonade- $7
- Waterbird Vodka Citrus Squeeze- $6
- Waterbird Tequila Margarita- $7

Grilligan's Catering Menu

Let us cater your event at Mulligan's!

Cuban or Philly Sliders

- Cuban: ham, pickle, mustard, swiss - $25/dozen
- Philly: steak, provolone, caramelized onions - $25/dozen

Cold Ham / Turkey Sandwiches

- Ham: cheddar, lettuce, mayonnaise or mustard - $20/dozen
- Turkey: swiss, lettuce, mayonnaise or mustard - $20/dozen

Mini Nathan's Hot Dogs - $35/dozen

Cheeseburger Sliders

- Ketchup, mustard, pickle - $30/dozen

Beef Empanadas

- Beef and cheese with a mild red jalapeno sauce
wrapped in a freshly baked flaky tortilla - $35/dozen

Eggroll Santa Fe Chicken

- Chicken, corn, black beans, chopped peppers - $30/dozen

Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeno Bites

- Cheddar cheese and spicy diced jalapeno
light, crispy potato flake breading - $10/dozen

Taco Meatballs - (half) $20 (full) $35

Cheese & Cracker Tray - (small) $20 (large) $35

Vegetable or Fruit Tray - (small) $25 (large) $40

Nacho & Cheese / Salsa Cups- $20/dozen

Spunkmeyer Cookies

- Chocolate chip, peanut butter, carnival, oatmeal raisin
gluten free - $10/dozen

Cookie/Brownie Shooters

- Cookie or brownie smothered in a vanilla or chocolate
cool whip mixture. Topped with sprinkles, chocolate chips
and fruit garnish - $30/dozen