Driving Range & 
Membership Cards

Mulligans Driving Range

Range Ball Prices:

  • Small (50 Balls) $9.00
  • Medium (75 Balls) $12.00
  • Large (100 Balls) $15.00
  • Jumbo (150 Balls) $20.00

Mulligan's has made some significant changes in 2022! In addition to our new 2500 square foot Pro Shop, we now have a double-decker Driving Range with 20 covered bays on the bottom and 17 on top. Not only that, but we are now powered by Trackman Range! Trackman Range adds to a golfer's practice experience by allowing them to know the statistics of their ball flight and swing dynamics but also will provide the opportunity to play some of the best golf courses in the world, virtually. This unique technology that we are offering also appeals to the Non-Golfer who may just want to come out and have some fun with our TrackMan Golf interactive target games that virtually anyone can play!

Each bay on the lower portion of our range will boast a 27" Touchscreen monitor to follow your progress with TrackMan as well as PowerTee, the world's best performing automatic teeing system. With multiple options, Power Tee allows you to enjoy your practice session while the system tees your ball up at just the perfect height FOR YOU.

We love seeing you in our Pro Shop, but if  you’re in a hurry our Range Servant Ball Dispenser allows you to use your credit or debit card with the card reader installed on the front of the machine without having to go through the pro shop. When you use the credit card terminal, you can still choose any of the 4 sizes that we offer. If you are just having too much fun to stop after you finish your first bucket, there is also a Range Servant dispenser located on the first level of our Driving Range where you can keep your bay and run and get an extra bucket!

For even more convenience and to reward frequent hitters, Mulligan’s offers special Range Membership Cards as well. With 5 different levels of memberships (listed below), you pay the appropriate fee and receive a higher value of range balls than you paid for! These cards act much like a driving range “debit” card. Come in, go straight to the Ball Dispenser, swipe your card or use the handy new App, Select Pi to select from Small, Medium, Large, or Jumbo sizes, wait for your bucket to be filled, and you’re ready to go! The value of the bucket you choose (Small $9, Medium $12, Large $15, Jumbo $20) will be automatically deducted from your total credit on your card.

When your credit runs out, you may keep the card and reload it at our Range Servant dispenser with your credit card or our team in the Pro Shop will be happy to help. These membership cards are great for frequent hitters and families. Below are the 5 different membership levels.

Your Package

You Pay

Value on Card


















Grand Slam




  • Convenient-Download the Select Pi App or keep the card in your golf bag or wallet
  • Works directly at the ball dispenser
  • Select Small, Medium, Large or Jumbo bucket
  • Check balance of card at the dispenser at any time

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