Club Fitting

Mulligan’s can help you maximize your investment in golf clubs by providing personalized club-fitting services. General club fitting is offered at no charge with the purchase of your golf clubs from our Pro Shop. This process includes professional fitting for correct length and lie of your clubs, as well as material and flex of shafts.

Still unsure about what clubs might be right for your game?

Mulligans also offers an advanced fitting option using the FlightScope Launch Monitor.



Wendy Kern, LPGA Professionals and Nick Bergen, PGA Professional can analyze data from your golf swing & ball flight conditions, collected by the FlightScope. The FlightScope Xi is the next generation of launch monitors that uses 3D Doppler tracking radar. This information is then used to recommend the optimum combination of equipment based on your unique dynamic launch data.


General Club Fitting

With golf club prices these days, if you are going to invest in a new set, it is important that you acquire a set that fits your needs. That is why Mulligan’s Staff takes extra care in getting you the right set of clubs. After gathering the information from us on what kind of club may be best for your game and utilizing our wide selection of demo clubs, we offer a free club fitting if you decide to purchase your clubs with us. This fitting will be provided by one of our trained professionals and may include fitting for the following:
Club Fitting

  • Correct length of the golf club
  • Lie of the golf club
  • Shaft material (graphite or steel)
  • Shaft flex (stiff, regular, senior, etc.)
  • Grip size
  • Set make-up

Getting this information correct can often provide dramatic results in your game. If you’re hitting a club that’s too short, you may find yourself hitting low line-drives. If you’re hitting a club that’s too long, you may catch the majority of your shots “heavy” or “fat.” Having the right shaft flex and material that match your swing speed can make a difference on the spin, trajectory, and distance of your shots. Below is an explanation of the “lie” of the golf club, which can make a difference as well.

So if you’re looking to improve your game with a new set of irons or woods (most fittings apply to irons), come on in and get the right club specifications for your swing. Again, a fitting with the purchase of your clubs is on us. Specially ordered clubs usually takes 7-10 business days to arrive provided the clubs are in stock, but often arrive sooner. Contact our pro shop for more information.

What is the LIE of a club?

The lie angle of a clubhead is an important characteristic that can either help or hurt accuracy, especially in the shorter irons. What is lie angle? It’s the angle between the center line of the hosel and an imaginary line running along the bottom of the club.

When the clubhead meets the ball, the sole of the club needs to be parallel to the ground. If it is and the ball is hit square to the target, it will go straight every time. But if the toe of the club is pointing up so that the sole meets the ground toward the heel this will tend to cause the ball to go to the left. This club is too upright for the swing. If the sole contacts the ground toward the toe then this club is too flat for the swing (see drawing).

Golf Club Lie


General Club Fitting

(Woods/ Irons/ Wedges/ Putter)

Full Bag Club Fitting             $100





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