Operation 36 Adult Academy

Adult Classes

Mulligan’s has expanded our teaching with the coaching system Operation 36.  We focus our classes on the essential skills that will take your game to the next level.  These classes are appropriate for all levels of golfers, men and women.  If you are determined to make THIS year be the year that you get out of that same old rut with your game, these classes are ideal for you!

Why Operation 36 Works:

You Actually Play Golf

You wouldn’t get swim lessons without getting into the pool, would you? The Op 36 Program is centered around giving you a fun plan to play 9 holes and track improvement over time.

Golf Pros Track Progress

Each Op 36 Training Community is led by Pros who care. All your playing and training data is shared with your coach to help guide you.

Community Based Training

Everyone in Op 36 has a common goal of working towards shooting 36 for 9 holes. Train with an encouraging group of golfers working together to improve.

Clear Curriculum And Goals

The Op 36 Curriculum has attainable on-course goals and milestones already set for you. Your coach can also issue and review private goals with you right in the mobile app.

Technology Guided Training

You should never feel lost. The Op 36 App is your tool to guide you through your entire journey. From playing golf to training your skills, just open it up at the course and go!

Gamified Golf Journey

We believe getting better at the game should feel like a game! Every action you take to improve levels up your profile and helps your community climb the global leaderboard.

The classes that we have will include instruction on the essential skills of golf…Putting, Chipping, Pitching and Full Swing with the irons as well as hybrids, fairway woods and the Driver AND, we will get everyone on the golf course right away!

In addition to the classes, we will have three 9-hole PLAY events

Classes taught by LPGA Class A professional, Wendy Kern and PGA Professional Nick Bergen

Each week, we will spend the session covering one or more of these essential skills:

  • Putting
  • Chipping/Pitching
  • Full Swing With Irons
  • Full Swing With Woods
  • Practical Applications Of Short Game (Green Reading, Speed Control, Stroke)
  • Practical Applications Of  Full Swing Shots (Club Selection, Course Management, etc) 



Operation 36 Adult:

Sundays April 18-June 6



Sat, May 1  @5 pm – Heritage Oaks

Sat, May 22 @5 pm – Heritage Oaks

Sat, June 5  @5:30pm – Heritage Oaks

Operation 36 Adult Encore-TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Thursdays April 15-May 27th

1:00-2:00 pm

Price Includes 8 Week Academy & (3) 9 Hole Events at Heritage Oaks GC


Summer 2021 Academy Schedule:

Operation 36 Adult:

Thursdays-June 3rd-July29th (Skip the Thursday before the 4th)


Tuesdays: June 8th-July 27th



Saturday June 26- 5:00 Tee Time- Heritage Oaks

Saturday July 17th – 5:00 Tee Time-Heritage Oaks

Saturday July 31st-5:00 Tee Time- Heritage Oaks

Operation 36 Adult Encore-TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Fridays: June25th-August 20th


Price Includes 8 Week Academy & (3) 9 Hole Events at Heritage Oaks GC

You may pay for your lessons by cash, check or credit card at Mulligan’s Golf Center. If you wish to pay your registration fee online using your credit card or PayPal account, click the Send Secure Payment button below for the class you wish to attend.

Operation 36 Adult Academy


Accept all major credit cards

Operation 36 Encore


Accept all major credit cards


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