Rates & Membership Cards

Mulligan's Driving Range

Mulligan’s Driving Range

Range Ball Prices

Small (25 Balls) $5.00
Medium (50 Balls) $7.00
Large (100 Balls) $10.00
Jumbo (150 Balls) $13.00


Mulligan’s boasts a state-of-the-art Ball Dispenser by Range Servant to our facility. This machine makes it quicker and easier for you to get your range balls if you’re just looking to get in-and-out. Of course, you can always get the sized buckets listed above in our pro shop. When paying inside, you will receive a small ticket with a 5-digit number followed by a “#” sign. Just enter this number into the Ball Dispenser outside and your bucket will be filled with golf balls.

If you’re in a hurry or want a different quantity of range balls, our Ball Dispenser allows you to enter EXACT CASH ONLY into the bill receiver on the front of the machine, without having to go through the pro shop (although we always love to see our customers!). The Dispenser will take any amount of money from $7 to $20. Listed below are the quantities of range balls you will receive when paying at the Ball Dispenser.Range Servant

50 Balls
58 Balls
100 Balls
111 Balls
122 Balls
150 Balls
161 Balls
173 Balls
184 Balls
196 Balls
200 Balls
207 Balls
219 Balls
230 Balls

For even more convenience and to reward frequent hitters, Mulligan’s offers special Range Membership Cards as well. With 5 different levels of memberships (listed below), you pay the appropriate fee and receive a higher value of range balls than you paid for! These cards act much like a driving range “debit” card. Come in, go straight to the Ball Dispenser, swipe your card, select from Medium, Large, or Jumbo sizes, wait for your bucket to be filled, and you’re ready to go! The value of the bucket you choose (Medium $7, Large $10, Jumbo $13) will be automatically deducted from your total credit on your card. When your credit runs out, keep your card and add more cash to it in the pro shop. These membership cards are great for frequent hitters and families. Below are the 5 different membership levels.Range Card

Pick Your Package You Pay Value on Card
Par $50 $60 20%
Birdie $100 $125 25%
Eagle $150 $200 33%
Hole-in-One $200 $275 38%
Grand Slam $400 $600 50%
  • Convenient-keep in your golf bag or wallet
  • Works like a debit card at the ball dispenser
  • Select Medium, Large or Jumbo bucket
  • Check balance of card at the dispenser at any time
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