Fitting Days

Fitting Days Update!

Upcoming Fitting Days: 2021 TBD

-Fitting Days will continue in the New Year! If you would like to be fit by a club fitter at Mulligans during the Fall and Winter, please feel free to call us and schedule a fitting!


Important Information

  • These are NOT Demo Days. If you want to try different clubs prior to a fitting day, please come out to Mulligan‘s any day to determine which clubs you want. We will be happy to assist and recommend which to try based on your game and desired ball flight.

  • These Club Fitting Days are for those who have already come in to demo clubs and know what they want and are ready to be fit for those clubs.

  • The Club Fitting Area will only be accessible to those with an appointment. The appointments are one on one with either the Company Representative, Wendy Kern, LPGA Professional, Nancy White, LPGA Professional or Nick Bergen, PGA Professional. 

  • You and your fitting professional will be required to wear a face covering during your fitting. All grips will be cleaned before and after you use them. There will be at least one station between you and the next golfer being fit for clubs. (Approximately 15 feet)






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