LPGA-USGA Girls Golf

We empower girls through the game of golf and inspire them to dream BIG…

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf (Girls Golf) is the only national junior golf program that specializes in providing girl-friendly environments for juniors to learn the game of golf. We’re the experts in making the game of golf fun, and we teach more than just stance and swing; we teach girls valuable life skills like confidence and perseverance.

Each of our 500 Girls Golf sites help prepare girls ages 6 – 17 for a lifetime of enjoyment of the game while also inspiring them to feel confident, build positive self-esteem and live active and healthy lives through The Five E’s of Girls Golf.

We’re on a mission to change the face of the game . . . join the movement and help us inspire even more girls through golf! #LittleGirlsBIGDreams


Our program is offered throughout the entire calendar year to all girls, ages 6-17. At each Girls Golf event, the girls receive professional golf instruction from Wendy Kern, LPGA Professional and participate in activity sessions designed to promote health and fitness and increase the participants’ knowledge of fitness and nutrition. All Girls Golf sessions are held on Saturday mornings, between 9:00am-12:00pm, unless otherwise noted. Snacks and golf clubs are provided at each event; however, girls with their own clubs are encouraged to bring them!

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Covid-19 Protocol:


  • Please send your daughter with her own water bottle that is clearly marked with her name.

  • If your daughter needs clubs, we will happily supply them after we have sanitized the handles.

  • We ask that you have a conversation with your girls about keeping social distance while we are checking everyone in.  We will instruct everyone to only touch their own clubs and belongings.

  • Please have your daughter bring her face covering to wear during mini golf.

  • You may want to send your daughter with some sanitizing gel

  • Our Volunteers & Coaches will limit personal contact with your daughter to the rare occasion that we need to touch her shoulder or adjust her hands during the course of instruction.  But, we assure you that we will make sure that we are “clean” prior to the sessions.



2020 Girls Golf Schedule

February 22      9-11:30 GG Program                                                    First Tee Building@Heritage Oaks GC

                        11:30-12:00 Parent Meeting

March 7            9-11:30                                                                           First Tee Building@Heritage Oaks GC

March 21          9-11:30                                                                           First Tee Building@Heritage Oaks GC

March 28        Movin & Groovin                                                            Godwin-JMU

April 4              9:00-11:30                                                                      TBD

May 2               9:00-12:00 – Bring A Friend Day                                 Mulligan’s GC


May 30            9:00-12:00                                                                      Mulligan’s GC

June 13            9:00-12:00                                                                       First Tee PAR 3

June 27            9:00-12:00                                                                       Mulligan’s GC

July 18            10:00-12:00  FAMILY DAY (Mini Golf/Ice Cream)     Mulligan’s GC

July 30             8:30-12:00 Special Event Spotswood CC 9 Holer Mixer

                 (Participants Must Have Reached Orange Level)

Aug 1              9:00(Ages 10-13) or 10:00 (Ages 6-9)                           Mulligan’s GC

Aug 22           9:00(Ages 10-13) or 10:00 (Ages 6-9)                           Mulligan’s GC

Sept 12           9:00(Ages 10-13) or 10:00 (Ages 6-9) Bring A Friend Day  Mulligan’s GC

Oct 3              9:00-12:00 FAMILY SCRAMBLE EVENT                   1st Tee Par 3

Oct 24           9:00(Ages 10-13) or 10:00 (Ages 6-9)                             Mulligan’s GC

Nov 7              9:00-11:30                                                                       1st Tee Building- Tentative based on COVID-19

Nov 21         9:00-11:30                                                                          1st Tee Building- Tentative based on COVID-19

Dec 12         10:00-12:00 Banquet                                                          1st Tee Building- Tentative based on COVID-19



  • Group instruction by a certified LPGA professional, Wendy Kern
  • Access to all necessary golf equipment during the program
  • Healthy snacks at each session, as well as lunch on special days
  • Health and wellness activities each day to promote healthy eating and exercise habits

*Please complete this form and bring them with you on the first day of Girls Golf

Form 1

To get your daughter/granddaughter involved or for more information, you may call Harrisonburg Girls Golf Program Director, Wendy Kern at 540-432-9040

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